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Dear All,

Please find below further details for the BDAC Tommy Clay Development Series and timetables for the first three matches.

The series is by invitation but in return we wish obviously for a commitment to participating on a regular basis.

We would appreciate it if you would distribute details amongst your members and let us know by the end of March if you are supporting the series. Only athletes from supporting clubs may compete.

We hope that your club athletes will embrace the opportunity for further competition .

Any extra officials/helpers at the matches will be much appreciated to allow as much competition as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you by March 31st.

Nanette Johnson

Paddock Way, Field Lane, Friskney, Boston, Lincs. PE22 8RL  Tel: 01754 820623 Mob. 07711156086

Tommy Clay Development Series 2018

Rules                                    Poster




13th April 2018

Meeting 1

Results 1

27th April 2018

Meeting 2 ver b

Results 2

18th May 2018

Meeting 3

Results 3

8th June 2018

Meeting 4

Results 4

22nd June 2018

Meeting 5

Results 5

6th July 2018

Meeting 6

Results 6

20th July 2018

Meeting 7

Results 7

10th August 2018

Meeting 8

Results 8

24th August 2018

Meeting 9

Results 9

7th September 2018

Meeting 10

Results 10

21st September 2018

Meeting 11

Results 11