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Track & Field Championships 2021

Online entries are now open for the combined Lincolnshire and Humber county T&F championships.

The 2 day event will be staged on Saturday 21st August at Costello Stadium, Hull, & Sunday 22nd August at King George V Stadium, Grimsby.

Enter here:

Please find attached the schedule of events and notes.

Once entries close the detailed program will be made available.


Unfortunately both days are being staged outside the county this year.

Lincs AA tried to host a day within the county but for various reasons we couldn't book a stadium for this later than usual championship event.

We hope you understand and are still able to support the champs.


Entry costs have been kept low - £6 for the first event and £4 for subsequent events (subject to age restrictions).


The county 10,000m champs race will take place within a Humber league match on 12 September and can be entered online or on the day.


Obviously you will need a Lincs county qualification to take part in our champs.



As a county we are indepted to Humber for all their hard work in making these champs a reality.


Currently we don't have an official's secretary, so if you are available to officiate on either day it would be appreciated - please get back to us.